I am the first to tell you all, packing for 4 months in one backpack (and making it so you can actually carry it) is no easy feat. In fact, I will admit I was not great at it.

I had been doing my research for months, reading blogs and packing lists and travel websites. I had a running list of what I should pack for the trip. I had a pile in our bedroom for a solid month where I staged different things I wanted to pack.

However, when I actually sat down to physically pack my backpack it looked like this:


Pure chaos!

One of our cats was trying to help in the packing process as well


Glenn was worried and didn’t think I could get all of that into my backpack and he was definitely sure that I wouldn’t be able to carry it.

But after several more hours of packing, repacking, deleting things and repacking again I was satisfied. I had a very full backpack but I could lift it and it was not overweight for the airplane and that was good enough for me.

First we would be heading to Dubai and then onto Nepal for a trek, after which we both planned to get rid of our trekking gear as we would not need it for the remainder of our trip so I was counting on that to eventually lighten my load.

When I have a bit more time and can take some photos, I will write another post about what I actually did pack, what stayed and what got tossed after the trek.

For now what I have to say is, packing a backpack for a long trip is NOT easy, but it is possible šŸ™‚ so good luck!

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