The Dubai Mall

Approaching The Dubai Mall from the metro


The main thing I have to say about The Dubai Mall is that it is simply ridiculous. There are over 1200 stores!

they even had special “mall taxis” to help customers get around if the store they wanted was too far away.

Actually it reminded me a lot of The Mall of America (which is also completely ridiculous).

The mall was so huge that in the few hours we were there we barely made a dent in seeing it all, but in actuality it didn’t matter because basically all of the stores and restaurants were American or British or Canadian, etc. In the several hours we walked around in the mall I saw nothing that I could not find at home in America and that is not at all the way Glenn and I like to travel. When I travel, I want to try local food and buy something unique to the area I am visiting. I don’t want to shop in Abercrombie and eat Potbelly’s (yes there was a Potbellys in Dubai)


Even though the stores are basically all western, don’t forget, you are still in Dubai and the UAE. This mall has a dress code, especially for women, though men are also expected to dress respectfully towards the cultural requirements.


I did see many tourists walking through the mall not following the dress code and they seemed to make out fine, however, there were security guards and police everywhere and I personally would not have felt comfortable in a short skirt or shorts (I was wearing a maxi skirt and t shirt, plus I had a scarf with me just in case).

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