Nepal Visa

For Nepal, the visa process is quite simple and you have two options:
1. get your visa at a Nepal Embassy
2. get your visa on arrival in the Kathmandu Airport

Both methods of getting your visa are very straight forward and simple so choose whichever works best for you.

Because we lived in a city with a Nepalese Embassy (i.e. Copenhagen) we decided to get our visa before our trip just so we would not have to think about it at the airport.

You have the option of a 15-, 30-, or 90- day visa with fees approximately $30, $50, $120 (fees will vary a bit based on currency and country – these were the prices in Denmark).
At the embassy you will pay for your visa and fill out a 1 page application. We only waited 20 minutes and then our visa was ready to go!

I definitely recommend this if you live in the same city as a Nepalese Embassy because it was just so quick and easy.

If you do not live near an embassy, just wait and get your visa in the airport.
You may have to wait in a bit of a line depending on how many flights get in at the same time as your flight but from what we saw the lines were not long and the visa officers were quick.

To get this visa you must have your passport, 1 passport photo and payment for your desired visa in cash (many currencies accepted). You must also fill out the visa application, which you can fine in the arrivals hall.

Detailed instructions can be found on this website:

Enjoy Nepal!

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