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Myanmar Visa (Burma Visa)

Getting a visa to visit Myanmar was surprisingly easy.
Likely this is an effort to attract more tourists to the recently opened country.

Of course you always have the option of getting your Myanmar visa at a Myanmar Embassy or Consulate. I always recommend doing this if you live in a city where the embassy or consulate is located because doing it this way tends to be the fastest and most stress-free way to get any visa (at least in my opinion).

However, if you do not live where there is an embassy or consulate or if you are traveling, Myanmar now has an online visa system. And amazingly, it works pretty well.

NOTE: You can only use the e-visa when you enter Myanmar via Yangon or Mandalay International Airports. If you enter the country any other location you must get a visa in advance.

Visit one of these two websites to apply:
*we used the second one, the government website.

Step One:
Fill out the online application.

You will enter basic information. Here are the questions as listed on the website
( 1 ) your full name as in your p/p ( 2 ) gender ( sex ) ( 3 ) father’s name ( 4 ) nationality ( 5 ) race ( 6 ) religion ( 7 ) p/p related five data : passport ( a ) number ( b ) issue date ( c ) expire date ( d ) place of issue & ( e ) issuing authority ( 8 ) date of birth ( D – M – Y ) ( 9 ) place of birth ( 10 ) occupation in native country ( 11 ) full address in native country together with contact phone number ( not PO Box No. or C/o address ) ( 12 ) purpose of visit to Myanmar ( 13 ) arrival / departure dates to / from Myanmar ( 14 ) flight number & airline that you will fly in / out of Myanmar ( 15 ) personal related four data, colour of your ( a ) hair ( b ) eyes ( c ) complexion & ( d ) your height (16) your hotel in Myanmar.

You also need proof of your round trip flight to/from Myanmar, a valid passport (as usual).

You will also have to upload a passport photo to the online application.
For us this was actually the most difficult part. The e-visa website is very slow and very particular. You cannot upload just any photo. It has to be a very small file size and cropped to the exact size of a passport photo.
The system rejected about 20 of our photo attempts before we finally found one that could be accepted.

Because the system was slow and because of our issues with the photo uploader, the online application took us about 2 hours for 2 people so be sure to set aside enough time to complete this part.

Step Two:

When you finish your online application you will have to pay for the visa. As of now, the fee is $90 (USD) per person. This can be paid by credit card.

Step Three:
Wait for visa approval letter (email)

This is the part that can take a while. Both websites claim that the letter will be emailed to you within 7-10 days, however in the fine print it says this can take up to three weeks.
*be sure to leave yourself enough time for this process*
Our visa approval letter came in 8 days.

When it arrives you receive an email with a link. Then you must log into the e-visa website to retrieve your visa approval letter.
You must then print it out to take with you to the airport.

This letter entitles you to a 1 month visa for Myanmar from the date of entry. The letter is valid for 3 months, giving you time to arrange your flight if you have not already done so.

Step Four:
Enter Myanmar

Now that you have your visa approval letter it is time to enter Myanmar.

Both websites claim that you must have your visa approval letter, 2 passport photos and $30 in cash to claim your visa at the visa on arrival window (just before immigration counters).
However, we did not need this.

We went to the visa on arrival window and were simply waved ahead to the normal immigration counters.
There we handed over our passports and visa approval letter and were issues stamps in our passports (aka our 30 day visa).

*I recommend having the cash and passport photos with you just in case they do require this when you arrive.

Now that the visa system is so simple there is no excuse not to go to Myanmar. Check out my posts later this week chronicling our time there!

Cambodia Visa

To enter Cambodia you do need a visa but this can be done quickly in the airport when you arrive so there is no need to worry about it in advance.

On your flight you will be given two forms to fill out (basically identical), an arrivals form and a customs form. Fill both out.

When you exit your airplane you will be directed to the visa on arrival, arrivals hall.

Outside you will be given a health form to fill out. This will be taken at the door and you will receive a yellow receipt.

Inside pick up a visa application form and fill that out (very similar to the arrivals form and customers form)
NOTE: you must have 1 passport sized photo for this application.

Next you go to the payment window. The 30 day visa on arrival currently costs $35 per person. Have the cash with you as they do not accept credit cards and I saw no ATMs in the arrivals area.

Your passport will then be passed along a line of about 5 people to be stamped and add the visa to the pages. (You can see this all happening behind the counter so do not stress about them passing around your passport).

Then the last person will double check your photo in your passport with your real face and return your passport with the visa inside.

Welcome to Cambodia!

Singapore Visa

Entering Singapore is incredibly simple.

You simply fill out an arrivals form (available on your airplane or in the arrivals hall) and wait in line to have your passport stamped.

Its as simple as that for residents of most countries.

Double check with this website to see if you will need a visa or not.

Indonesian Visa (Bali)

To visit Indonesia I recommend doing the Visa on Arrival in the airport.

Below I will explain the process we went through in Denpasar Airport in Bali but it is safe to assume the process is similar at the many other airports in Indonesia.

Depending on your flight, you might be given an arrival form to fill out while you are still on your flight into Bali. If you do not receive this form on your flight, simply pick one up from one of the officers in the airport and fill it out.

Next you go to the payment counter.
The Visa on Arrival costs $35 per person.
Make sure you have cash! They will not accept credit cards and I did not see an ATM in the visa area.
Once you pay, you will receive a receipt of payment which you then show to the immigration officer with your passport and arrivals form.

Then you will wait in the immigration line to get your passport stamped.
Once completed, the officer will return to you a departure form which you will need to leave the country. DO NOT LOOSE IT.

And welcome to Bali and Indonesia!

NOTE on leaving the country:
in addition to the departure card that you receive when you arrive, there is a $20 per person exit tax to leave Bali. There are ATMs in this area of the airport but it is best to have the cash for this ready so you don’t pay ATM fees for a small withdrawal.

Nepal Visa

For Nepal, the visa process is quite simple and you have two options:
1. get your visa at a Nepal Embassy
2. get your visa on arrival in the Kathmandu Airport

Both methods of getting your visa are very straight forward and simple so choose whichever works best for you.

Because we lived in a city with a Nepalese Embassy (i.e. Copenhagen) we decided to get our visa before our trip just so we would not have to think about it at the airport.

You have the option of a 15-, 30-, or 90- day visa with fees approximately $30, $50, $120 (fees will vary a bit based on currency and country – these were the prices in Denmark).
At the embassy you will pay for your visa and fill out a 1 page application. We only waited 20 minutes and then our visa was ready to go!

I definitely recommend this if you live in the same city as a Nepalese Embassy because it was just so quick and easy.

If you do not live near an embassy, just wait and get your visa in the airport.
You may have to wait in a bit of a line depending on how many flights get in at the same time as your flight but from what we saw the lines were not long and the visa officers were quick.

To get this visa you must have your passport, 1 passport photo and payment for your desired visa in cash (many currencies accepted). You must also fill out the visa application, which you can fine in the arrivals hall.

Detailed instructions can be found on this website:

Enjoy Nepal!

Dubai Visa

For both US citizens and Danish citizens, no visa is needed in advance to enter the UAE. Immigrations officials simply stamp you passport when you walk through immigration in the airport and that grants you permission to stay in the country for 30 days.

To check if you need a tourist visa or not please refer to the following website.

Please also be aware that the UAE is very strict about the kinds of medications you can bring into the country.
Here is a list of the restricted medications for the UAE

I will not share exactly what for privacy reasons, but we were carrying a 4 month supply of a certain medication and were very heavily questioned about it even though the medication was not listed on the restricted list and we were traveling with the original labels, the prescription and a doctors note.

It all ended fine and we were allowed to enter the country with all of the medication but it was nerve wracking for a while.

If you will be traveling to the UAE with medication double check this to be sure your medication is not confiscated.